It’s All Over Now

As the boat came in to Portsmouth, the tannoy announced that “due to congestion in the docks” we would be 20 minutes late. However, as cyclists we were the first off the boat.


When we emerged from the dockyard we found that not only had Tony come to pick us up, he had also arranged a small group to greet us.

So it really is all over. We feel very lucky to have been fit and well enough to enjoy this unforgettable experience. The blog has helped us remember what happened (at our age remembering what happened yesterday can be a problem). But we hope you have enjoyed hearing of our progress. I hope I did not whinge and moan too much, but I am sure we were incredibly unlucky with the amount of head wind we experience and incredibly lucky that the weather was so good otherwise.

As I said much earlier we did this for fun, not as a fundraising effort. But if it encourages you to support the work of Jane Scarth House please feel free to do so.

Best Regards to All

Elaine & Paul Grainger
14 June 2017

Visit my fundraising page on BT MyDonate

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2 comments on “It’s All Over Now
  1. John Flury says:

    Paul the simple answer to the headwind problem is to eat a tin of baked beans and some dried Apricots every morning before setting off.Bye the way did you issue any Michelin stars to the best Bus Shelters across Europe??????

    Pat and John

  2. Tony says:

    Once again Paul and Elaine – well done – an epic achievement!

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