Monday – The last hotel

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We knew we had 90 km to cover so we were on the road at 8:00. As often happened we had the pleasure of a walk up the he hill to get out of town, the next 30 km were across open countryside. Again the fields were full of ripening corn. The occasional field of blue rape? added a nice touch of colour.

We think the road was rising steadily but it was probably just the wind. Normajjy it did not get too strong until lunchtime but today it was hard all morning. It was 11:00 by the time we had covered 30 km.

Then the road turned a little south and we made better progress for 20km until we dropped down into the valley with the Seine and Eure rivers.

On the way we stopped in to visit Jean Paul. Satire for lunch

The road here was crazy, truck after truck ruining the small town.

Fortunately there was an alternative running parallel, winding a bit and passing between houses and gardens. We even managed to find a bar open on a Monday. A few miles before Elbeuf we joined a cycle track running alongside the Eure and taking us safely into town.

From here we were just 20 km from the hotel but with my usual genius, I had chosen one which required a 3 km walk uphil. And then a windy stretch across a rising plateau. We were constantly expecting a long downhill as payback for the climb but we were at the hotel before it happened.

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2 comments on “Monday – The last hotel
  1. Helen and Alan says:

    Brilliant blog, amazing achievement – nearly home! Helen and Alan

  2. John Flury says:

    Nearly home. Bet you will miss the Bus Stops at lunch time. That Brittany ferry will look great later today.

    Pat and John

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