Sat and Sun – Long

Saturday and Sunday were quite a drag. From Soissons to Compeign, Compeign to Clermont and Clermont to Gisors. As it was the weekend, the main roads between places were busy and we spent our time and too many miles working our way from village to village. The strong west wind continued to blow and Sunday especially was full on sun and baking hot. The  scenery is undramatic, mostly ripening fields of wheat and barley right up to the edge of the road with trees off in the distance.

So what was good. We were getting shade in the wall by a driveway entrance as the owner returned, she invited us to go sit on the seats in her garden. We tried the door to a restaurant at about ut 11:00 looking for coffee. The lady came to the door, said they did not open till noon but come in and have a coffee anyway. The man in the pizzeria where Elaine went just to get extra water made a huge effort to go find some chilled bottles for us. The meal on Saturday evening, no restaurant at the hotel but he provided a superb meal chosen from a reasonably wide menu and delivered in sealed glass containers. I had mussel soup, beef bourginion and prunes in Armagnac. We had seen the race marshals but it we still had to dive for the verges as a peloton of over 100 riders swept towards us in full race mode. But best of all was that the road for the last  15 km into Gisors was arrow straight and pretty much downhill all the way.

So we made it into the hotel in time to watch pretty much all of the French Open final.

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2 comments on “Sat and Sun – Long
  1. John Flury says:

    Not too far now. Hope the Prunes do’nt attack without a hedgerow handy.

    Keep safe Pat and John

  2. John & Barbara says:

    Nearly home, Elaine what are you going to eat when you get back?? Will Paul be happy with sausage and mash?? Looking forward to seeing you both. Love Barb and John xx

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