It wer’ a day of two ‘arves ‘arry

The morning was spent on the D3 heading into Chalons en Champagne. This is a busy road with a white strip only some of the time. We were supposed to move on to quieter less direct roadshow but seem to have missed the turn. The countryside was open and rolling up and down. The wind which hardly existed when we started was growing stronger all the time. So we were very pleased when we arrived in town just before lunch.
We took lunch sitting in the sunshine with the Marie 

The sat nav kept pushing us towards a canal path we tried to avoid it but eventually ended up on the towpath along The Canal du Marne. This started as a nice clean asphalt surface but it slowly deteriorated to a single narrow mud track. Then after a few km suddenly back to good asphalt. Our only problem was the tree debris from the winds of the last few days.
But the riding was great, we were sheltered from the wind, it was flat, we were alternatively in sunlight or shade from the trees. And so we arrived in Epernay. To our amazement we were within 7 km of the town before we saw the first vine.
There were lots of hotels available but either very downmarket or very expensive. So we ended up in the Premier Classe. Definitely Notclassy but almost OK. To keep up the tone we walked to the nearby MacDonalds for dinner.

view of train s and many vines from our window

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One comment on “It wer’ a day of two ‘arves ‘arry
  1. John Flury says:

    You do’nt seem to have sampled any Champagne. If you get the right house they will give you about 5 to sample. It will help your pedals to go round.

    Lovely area. Wish we were back there now.

    Pat and John

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