Wednesday – Half a day

The forecast for today was at least dry and the head winds were now threatened as 20 to 40 km so it was marginally better than yesterday.

Can we get a train to Reims? Yes you can take bikes on some trains in France. But not on the service between Verdun and Reims.

Can we hire a car? Yes of course but Hertz do not have a depot in Verdun. The Avis website refuses to work on the iPad, the EuroCar does not work at all and Leclerc do not do rent it here leave it there.

So an even less ambitious target. Just 45 km to Ste Menehould. The forecast was right it was not as horrendous as yesterday but it was hard work. We rode along past lots of sites associated with the Battle of Verdun in the Great War. 

There was no way to ride up the hills into the wind so it took a long time. Along the way we stopped in Clermont for a beer on the narrow 2 way street. As we sat the a huge 38 ton truck pulled up opposite us. The driver jumped out as his truck leaving it running completely blocked traffic. He strolled to the nearby boulangerie and returned carrying his baguette.

This town is not huge and our hotel ‘Le Cheval Rouge’ does not look too prepossessing but they have an extension which is brand new and we have the nicest room of our trip so far. As we arrived here at 2:00 we are enjoying a lazy afternoon. Not tried the restaurant yet but that appears to be good too.

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2 comments on “Wednesday – Half a day
  1. John Flury says:

    Your weather was the same as ours yesterday and you seem to be getting on much better now that Lola retired. Some good country ahead to Le Havre from where you are right now.

    Keep safe.

    Pat and John

  2. Brian and Shirley says:

    Getting close to home, you can almost smell the Channell
    Get some wind in your backs and keep going.
    Best wishes
    Brian and Shirley

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