Tuesday – It’s horrible

We had done 3 long days. The weather forecast was not bad it was seriously horrible. The TV forecast for France was showing 70km winds. The regional forecast on the web said 32km with gusts of 50. Thunderstorms were threatened for 9, 12,and 3. So we went out anyway.

We made it to the bottom of the driveway before running for an awning to shelter from a heavy burst. 10 minutes later we were able to ride down round the hairpin into the town centre for our daily visit to Lidl. We spent the next hour dashing from tree, to bus shelter to doorway as the heavy showers went through. They eventually stopped and the rest of the day stayed grey and threatening but dry.

Given the conditions we were only aiming for Verdun just 50 km away. Despite the strong head winds we made reasonable progress until we got to Etain. It was coffee time and we walked all round the town centre without finding a single place to get a drink. In fact there were pretty much no commercial operations at all.

The wind was getting stronger and stronger, it had passed the point where it was difficult to cycle. It was now difficult to stand up. At one point, Elaine claims she was blown off her bike but I reckon she just wanted a quick rest.

We eventually made it to Verdun, not quite as depressing a town as Etain but it is trying to catch up. Our choice of hotels had not been great and the one we had was just OK. Also the wifi in every room certainly did not reach our room. But for dinner they directed us round to the Italian on the next street which advertised ‘Specialities Savoyard’ (funny I thought Savoy was in France). They served us the best tastiest Tartiflet I have ever had. So we retired to bed at least feeling well fed.

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One comment on “Tuesday – It’s horrible
  1. Brian Stokes says:

    Wow! Years ago I had what I thought were bad cycling winds in Wales – but that description was horrendous! Take care and keep on trucking!

    All the best , Brian and Katie

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