Monday – much quieter

The wind was gone when we woke, but the hotel blinds had done too good a job and it was 7:00 before we surfaced. By the time we had eaten and I had done a couple of repairs to my bike we did not leave till nearly 9:00. Knowing how closed France can be on a Monday, let alone a bank holiday we had again pre booked our accommodation. 

Yesterday it was cyclist who entertained us, today it was vintage British cars, all bearing a Europe Tour 2017 sign. We must have seen over 50 of them over a 2 hour period.

With quiet winds and roads which seemed to be slightly more down than up we got along well until we entered Metz.

We did not have just a bus shelter for lunch, we had a whole terminal to choose from. We were in the middle of a school complex and of course neither the schools or the busses were in business. 

As we were finishing lunch we both spotted that Elaine’s back tyre was flat – our first puncture of the trip. Sorting this out and getting underway again took the best part of an hour. Crossing Metz with the guidance from the phone was fun. We cycled on dedicated bike tracks through deserted parks, through crowded pedestrian precincts, alongside busy roads and eventually alongside the Moselle.

Our route eventually left the riverside and we entered the biggest collection of cars I have ever seen. A village was holding its “Vide Greniers” street market and the roadside for at least 2 miles either side was wall to wall parked cars. Getting through the traffic was bad news but what was worse was that the road went uphill for 15 km. not too steep but a major drag.

We eventually fell into our hotel at about 5:30. Once again we seem to be the only residents but the restaurant was open and the meal was truly superb. I noticed that the local Rotary Club meets here – but have no idea what day.

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2 comments on “Monday – much quieter
  1. John Flury says:

    Know you have had heavy rain and now it’s here with gales. Should be OK for you over the next few days. Are you stopping at Roland Garros for a quick peak? Nice country ahead.

    love Pat and John

  2. Greg Hall says:

    I suppose with the state of our food at Rotary we could always meet there,if the food is as good as you say. You are lucky to be out of UK at moment,very windy and also that wretched election,just hope and pray we get an overall majority. If not think we will all leave the country!!!!

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