Sunday – Lola est mort

To be accurate she is mortally wounded. It has been increasingly difficult to see the screen throughout our journey. The drenching we got on Friday evening made things much worse. But the total washout yesterday evening seems to have done for her. She got us to the hotel in the storm yesterday and this morning I was just able to enter our destination but out in the sunlight I could not see a raging. So all day we have been guided by a disembodied voice. Now the screen is just blank and I can’t enter anything else. So we will have to trust the sat nav on my phone. Thank goodness free roaming is now in place. (And God bless the EU for forcing it).

When we saw the wether forecast and looked at the map we knew today would be hard. We had strong headwinds and lumpy territory NW from Saverne towards Metz. To avoid the risk of being homeless On a holiday weekend we had booked a hotel in Morhenge about 80 k from Saverne.

 It was one of those days when you realise just how big and empty France is. Mile after mile of open rolling countryside with only small villages dotted here and there.

Elaine did find some company for our roadside lunch

Our afternoon was enlivened by about 8 or 10 groups of cyclists. All in full race mode, preceded and followed by cars with flashing lights. They were in groups of 20 to 30 and all seemed to be in very good mood, shouting hello and urging us to join them.

Finally getting to Morhange we followed the directions to the hotel and were horrified to find a very rundown large house on the edge of a campsite and behind a faded and falling down sign. Fortunately it was the wrong place. Ours was a quarter mile away. It was brand new and totally empty. The bad news was that the restaurant was not open so we had to get back on the bikes (so much lighter without the bags) and cycle the short distance into to for an excellent meal at an Italian reastaurant.

They did open the hotel restaurant for breakfasting we ate all alone in the huge room with seating fora hundred plus.

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3 comments on “Sunday – Lola est mort
  1. Tony says:

    Almost time to let me know when you need to be picked up from Portsmouth. Will await your advice. Keep on truckin’ !!

  2. Pat says:

    RIP Lola. We’ve been through many journeys with you listening to her siren voice leading us all up the garden path so I expect you will miss her. Take care and stay safe, Love Pat and Mike

  3. John Flury says:

    I would imagine the death of Lola has brought Elaine much relief and Le Havre will be at least 100k nearer.

    Keep safe

    Pat and John

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