Saturday – A nice day for a swim

Actually the hotel last night had an indoor pool and Elaine had a swim before dinner. I saw her face as she entered and decided it was too cold for me.

We had a good day. As we started we had very steep push of just a km then down down down a 15% hill into the plain for the Rhine. Before the Rhine we had to pass through Rastadt. This was about 10 km end to end and heavily populated by traffic, road junctions and traffic lights. We used the pavements and got end to end faster than the cars.

As we left town, the signs pointed towards the Rhine tunnel. But Lola had us turn left and we then spotted signs for a bridge. All goods traffic was sent via the tunnel, people and bicycles could take their choice. We passed the board announcing FRANCE just before the bridge and Elaine celebrated by buying an orange and tomatoes at the nearby busy fruit stall.

The bridge was of the old unattractive, rusty metal type. There was a narrow island in the middle of the river and for the first half it was possible to cycle along the narrow pedestrian walkway, but for the second half it was bicycles, two way cars and people all sharing the narrow roadway with the unused old railway lines.Once in France we stopped for a coffee (2 euro now instead of 3) and were talked to continuously by a waitress who had lived in Chichester 20 years ago and wanted to practice her English.

We were headed towards Saverne but as that would be 100 km for the day it was too far. We completed our 80km in a small town Hochfelden and spent an hour discovering a. It was a long weekend, b. It was the local feast day,  c. all accommodation in the town was full. 

So we booked into a hotel in Saverne and set off to get there before the threatened thunder storm. We made 5 minutes down the road before putting on our rain jackets for the first drops of rain. Another 10 minutes and the heavens opened. It was raining so hard the drops hurt. There was nowhere to shelter so we pushed on. So did the thunder and the rain. The only good news was that we could not get any wetter. Thank goodness most of the 20 k was flat or slightly downhill.

We eventually arrive bearing a close resemblance to 2 drowned rats. The hotel receptionist did not even blink, just showed us where to put the bikes and helped carry our bags to the room.

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One comment on “Saturday – A nice day for a swim
  1. Tony says:

    Bienvenue chez France!!

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