Thursday – A good start

I had received an email pointing out that there never seems to be a day where everything goes well. Until lunchtime we thought that today could be that day. A couple of gentle, rideable uphill stretches and lots of long lovely downhill runs including another steep ride round hairpin bends. At one point we asked if it was possible to keep going down any longer.

The countryside is getting much more populated as we get close to Stuttgart. The villages are small towns, the roads are busy. Riding along the busy main road we were shouted at by local drivers because the was a cycle path but it was well away from the road and we had not spotted it.

Then of course the climbing started again. 

First a steep but relatively short climb out of the village then 15 km of gentle climb up a valley towards the town of Waldenbuch. We changed our routine halfway along here and stopped for a full lunch at a cafe.

After Waldenbuch we began to go seriously uphill. Sometimes at the side of the road but mostly on gravel paths through the forest. As we were riding along a relatively easy climb, we were passed by a group of 20 plus electric bikes, cruising effortlessly past us. One of the riders even pushed Elaine along for a few yards.

We eventually reached Boeblingen (IBM Gemany’s equivalent to Hursley) and looked on the phone for a hotel. The nearest we could see at a sensible price was 13 km away and after we had booked it and started on our way we realised that yet again we were trudging uphill.

We recovered after a beer and a shower but neither of us to summon the enthusiasm to go out for a meal so we dined in our room off the provisions we had intended for lunch .

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One comment on “Thursday – A good start
  1. John and Sharman Ferguson says:

    Beautiful countryside, cold beers – what more could you want! Love your blog, you are both doing brilliantly.

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