Friday – a nice day for a walk

We walked up 3 mountains today. The navigator on this trip seems to have landed us in the Schwabian Alps. The downhill runs are wonderful, the short bits in between climbs are fine. But the climbs are 5 km and more long. There is no chance we can ride them so we are walking and pushing for almost 2 hours at a time.

The towns all seem to be spa towns and to be major tourist attractions. Lots of people strolling around in the sunshine. I’m not sure what else you can do in a spa town unless you are seriously into hill walking.

At Bad Herrenbad we had an afternoon beer and decided that as we had only managed 50 km so far we should go a bit further. As we set off there was thunder rumbling in the hills we had just descended from. Once again we had a couple of km along the valley bottom but then our route turned West and of course uphill. We began our third climb of the day. As we climbed out of town we potted the local golf course below us

And the golfers were mostly caring their bag of clubs.

We listened to the thunder get nearer. Then put on our jackets for the first few drops of rain, then walked as fast as possible between the shelter provided by the larger trees, the dashed as fast as we could through an absolute downpour to a very welcome bus shelter.

Here we sat and located a hotel only 2.5 km ahead of us. Uphill of course. Actually that is not true. The rain had slacken off a little and we pushed up through the village for about a km and then cruised in the rain down to the hotel. It was quite large, probably 30 rooms, but the door was locked and we had to ring, bang and shout for 5 minutes before we could rouse the owner. Seems that she is busy during the week but we appeared to be the only guests on a Friday evening. We were served a nice dinner outside on the terrace. When we suggested 7:00 for breakfast she looked horrified so we rapidly agreed that 8:00 would be better.

Which it was because it has given me time to catch up on the blog.

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3 comments on “Friday – a nice day for a walk
  1. Greg Hall says:

    You really are in the real world now,why are hills always up and never down,find that whenever we go walking!


  2. John Flury says:

    Paul, did nobody tell you the Black Forest was very hilly. It will get flatter over the Rhine in France. Did you try the thin German red wine before you left? Very lucky it’s not on sale over here.

    Enjoy Macron land and keep safe

    Pat and John

  3. Pat says:

    Have you got a navigator on this trip? A nice paper map with contours might help? Love Pat xx

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