Wednesday – Goodbye Danube

It was with great regret that we left the Danube behind. It had been close to us for over 2000 km. Now we were on our own and with guidance from just Lola. As soon as we left town we recognised on advantage of following the river. This way went uphil. It went slowly uphill all morning. Never very steep but with the strengthening NW wind quite draining. We needed  both a coffee stop and a Magnum stop before lunch.

Godby Big River

As we eat lunch at the roadside in a small village we realised that every one of the small kids walking home from the school bus would say Hello to us. The uphil trudge continued into the afternoon. Beautiful but unspectacular scenery, a small village every 5 km, well kept fields and farm houses. The German government must have a special deal on Solar Panels for farmers. No fields of panels as at home but every possible inch of roof space was covered.

All of a sudden we got back all the height we had gained 3 km down a bendy 10% hill and into a spa town. Bad Dizenbach full of hotels restaurants and tourists. A few km further we gave in for the day and found a hotel in Muhlhausen 30 km from Stuttgart. It looked a bit tatty from outside but our room is excellent. We will see what dinner brings.

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2 comments on “Wednesday – Goodbye Danube
  1. Katie Stokes says:

    Hi Both

    Paul here. Have got Mum up and running on emails now that shes in hospital, but she’s feeling fairly rough so won’t be responding anytime soon. She is, however, enjoying your travel updates – keep them coming!


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