Monday – 30 Days

  • “I’m gonna give you 30 days to get back home,
  • I done called up the gypsy woman on the telephone
  • I’m gonna send out a world wide hoodoo
  • That’s the very thing that I’ll do to you
  • I’m gonna give you 30 days t get back home”

Not quite appropriate but we have now ridden for 30 days and Google maps says we have “only” 957 km to go. It will be more than that ‘cos we are not going into Paris no matter what Google or Lola tell us.

We were loading our bikes by 8:00 and had visited Lidle to stock up on liquids and lunch by 8:30. Once again the first part of the day went brilliantly. The wrong farm track I led us down ended quickly and we only went a few hundred metres out of our way. Then came the diversion.

Yesterday we had seen and ignored a Eurovelo diversion sign and as a result had to walk the bikes through an uncomfortable km with no road surface. So we followed this sign. Big mistake. It led us up to the top of the local mountain, then for several km up and down through most of the Black Forest. The final indignity was that we emerged onto a newly laid road, not yet open to vehicles and lost all the height we had earned edging cautiously down the unswept Tarmac.

Despite this we were getting on well. It was a surprise when Elaine announced that we had passed 40 km. Our problem was the sun. The day was getting hotter and hotter. Must have been high eighties. And we found a couple of hills to walk up.

The sweat was running in my eyes at one rest stop and I cleverly left my sun glasses on top of the saddle bag. A fact I noticed 3 miles down the road. Some one is insisting that I admit that is now 2 pairs of glasses and now one pair of sunglasses I have lost in the same way.We had intended getting past Donauworth but at 3:00 were so hot we decided to stay here for the night. Yet another beautiful medieval town with a clean and bustling town centre.

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2 comments on “Monday – 30 Days
  1. Pat and Mike Kelly says:

    Paul, do they do Satnav implants for humans yet? Perhaps in the wonderful EU they do? You could always have one inserted! Might save you a few hundred kilometres? Elaine, I know a good divorce lawyer! Keeeeep cycling. Love Pat xxx

  2. John Flury says:

    The wonders of Merkel land and we are leaving it to them. Just to make your day unless you know, Pat and Mike were upgraded to I assume Business as BA were to busy to let them sit in Premium Economy. Unfortunately the flight was to early for a G and T before take off. Glad you are able to stock up in Lidl. Would a detailed map of Germany not be any use!!!!

    Keep safe and enjoy Macron land when you arrive.

    Pat and John

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