Sunday – A Danube Cruise

Today was the first day that we set off without our sweaters. By 8:30 it was already warm. We had a nice 18 km ride to Kelheim. From there the river gorge is too narrow for a path down the side and the done thing is to take a 40 minute boat ride to the other end of the gorge. The boat was huge and on a bank holiday Sunday lots of people were using it.
We seemed to be the only cyclist in the queue but an obliging crew member rushed to put down a ramp so we could wheel them on board.

Almost everyone crowded on to the top decks to take in the view but we were happy to enjoy the cool shade in the lounge.

At the far end, Negotiating the narrow path with several hundred pedestrians proved an interesting challenge. Fortunately they were all turning into the snack bar in the abbey and the way was then clear.
The road we were on had little traffic but it was moving fast so I insisted on turning right towards the Danube where I was sure we would find the bike route. We did find a very nice track which deteriorated so that eventually we were crossing a field. But we persisted and after 5 km emerged back on the road about half a mile from where we left it. Mr popular once again!
We spotted a bar for lunch but all the outside tables were full so we rolled on. Eventually we found a picnic table under a tree and the local insects eat more of us than we did lunch.

We continued on on unmade but good quality tracks along the flood dyke. Good riding but now it was so flaming hot. 31 degrees. So we were glad to arrive at our hotel in Ingolstadt. Despite being new and modern the Internet was almost useless but we managed to look up details of local eateries and found a really good Greek Taverna and had a meal surrounded by big families eating together.

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2 comments on “Sunday – A Danube Cruise
  1. Greg Hall says:


    Am back with you have been to Norfolk for a few days,internet on the North Norfolk coast about as good as your experiences!

    We did have superb weather and then came back to Hampshire for rain!

    Have scanned some of you recent blogs and apart fro Elaine’s chain it seems to be pretty good now that you have reached civilisation as the norm. Enjoy yourselves and probably see you in June!


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