Saturday – Nearly a good idea

I knew there was no way we would have 3 good days in a row. It was already sunny and warm by the time we set out on the 40 km leg to Straubling and within 10 minutes We had shed our morning jumpers. 

The river is getting relatively narrow now. It is just a big river rather than a small sea. We cycled along the flood dyke. To be more accurate we were on the nicely surfaced road at the side of the flood dyke because the path on top was un metalled. When we did see over, the river had many small”beaches” on Both sides and even early in the morning, there were local cars, tents and people at many of them. By 10 we were enjoying coffee in Boden.  Then on to Straubling.From here the river does a big half circle loop to the North via Regensberg before returning south to Ingolstadt. I had worked out that we could save 40 km by leaving the river, the Eurovelo and the guide book and going due West to Ingolstadt. 

I had carefully selected a series of via points to put into Lola to keep us on minor roads. I succeed brilliantly. Trouble was the villages were too small. There were almost no shops or bars and because it was  a bank holiday weekend, absolutely everything was closed. There was nowhere to have a drink with lunch. We could not even find a bush shelter at the appropriate time. So we were forced to sit on the grass at the side of the road, to the bemusement of an off duty policeman who stopped his car to ask if we were OK.

Soon after lunch Elaine began to panic that we would not find anywhere to sleep and forced  me to sit down and start looking at websites via my phone. The village I had selected as our target had 2 gasthause. One had a phone number that did not work and the other rang endlessly. Booking dot com showed nothing in the right place.

I eventually realised the only solution was to head to the nearest point back on the river. I was able to phone a hotel in Bad Abbach and make a reservation but this was over 30 km away. The day was gorgeous by most standards  – unless you were riding a bike. Full sun, high 80s and no wind. Despite being smothered in sun cream we were cooking. Because there were no shops open we were worried about running out of liquids to drink. And because we were not on the river someone had put hills on the road. I was not a popular person.The last 4 km into Bad Abbach were downhill and halfway down – heaven. An Aldi store that was open. Even that was due to be closed tomorrow so we quickly stocked up with drinks and the makings for tomorrow’s lunch. Then down into the town as we made the last turn we found ourselves on a delightful shopping street – full of open shops. Elaine’s computer just clicked over to 100 km. The hotel is excellent, the dinner was nice and we have booked in, eaten and slept here and I have not shown any document and have no idea how much we are paying. 

We did not save the 40 ks I had planned but did save about 20 and are back on the Danube and hopefully in control for the next couple of days. At least until we get to Ulm.

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