Friday – Even Better

Yesterday was a good day. We had glorious scenery and got on well, but the sky was grey all day. Today the sky was clear and blue and the sun shone all day. What a difference, the countryside was flatter and less dramatic but with the blue sky reflecting on the water everything looked a hundred times better.

We were off soon after 8:00 and made good time going into Passau. I would show a picture of the border between Austria and Germany but we never found it. No border post no sign nothing.

We got a bit lost in the town but soon crossed the river Inn and got back to the Danube.

After a few miles along the w side we rode over a dam and watched one of the cruise liners pull into the lock to carry on up the river. A little later we had done our 25 km and were turning off the path towards a cafe 300 m away when Elaine’s chained snapped again. We pushed the bikes to the coffee stop and had our drink before I “fixed” the problem.When we were underway she began to complain of  a clicking noise. After about half an hour we stopped to investigate. I had put it together wrongly. So I had to break the chain again, fix the problem and rejoin it. The bike rode OK better but even I can get the message eventually – we needed a new chain. 

Not much later we decided another drink would help after our tribulations. As it was close to noon this turned into a pizza. And on we went.

she sees a man and i cant’t keep her away

We had probably done anothe 10 km when the route led us through a small town and there on the other side of the road was Eddy’s Bike Shop. Eddy spoke better English than me, was extremely competent and immediately refused to put on a new chain without a new gear cassette. 30 minutes and 60 Euros later, Elaine’s was telling me how much better the bike felt.

We again got lost and did a few extra Km on bad gravel roads following a very attractive bend in the river but soon after 4 we reached a very nice hotel in the town of Deggensdorf.  Elaine keeps telling me it sounds like something from a Harry Potter movie.

The hotel restaurant was closed so we strolled into town to stock up at an Aldi, water, juice and bananas then eat outside at a good but expensive bar/restaurant full of 20 something year olds.

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