Thursday – a proper day

Breakfast was 21 euros each – or should have been if it was not also part of the booking dot com. It was fine, especially if you were able to understand the hordes of Japanese tourists we had to fight through to get anything to eat.

Once on the road we were baffled. After the nightmare of yesterday there was almost literally no traffic at all. 

We were through the city, over the Danube and riding west along the Northern bank in no time at all. Our route all day was on cycle paths close to the river. 

Over about 7 hours riding we were passed by about 30 cyclist going our way and 3 million going the other way. Singles, groups families. Everyone, would nod or say hello, except of course if you were a male, wearing Lycra (lots of it in bright colours) and riding five thousand pounds worth of push bike. Then you are to busy concentrating on improving your personal best time to move your head. 

We eventually figured it had to be a bank holiday and of course it was Ascencion day. All day nothing went wrong, we did not get lost, nothing broke, the wind blew at us but not too hard. This is how it should be. We crossed the river 3 more times on ever smaller ferries. We would wait, and watch as the boat loaded with bikers crossed the river towards us, then 5 minutes later we were on our way in solitary splendour. How do they all get back. Is there a massive pile of used cyclists at the end of the Danube?

The Danube from our balcony

Elaine had to have a picture of the little ducklings

We did not quite make it to Passau but stopped a few km short at the first Gasthof that appeared after Elaine’s computer said we had completed 80km.

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One comment on “Thursday – a proper day
  1. John Flury says:

    The scenery is looking VG. Are you sure those Cruisers ar’nt more comfortable than a bike.

    Keep safe

    John and Pat

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