Tueusday- There Really is no place to hide

Fortunately Elaine had recovered this morning and we were in the breakfast room at 7:15 taking full advantage of the full range of options on display. The journey to Melk looked to be flat and easy. In fact there were enough small hills and . head wind to make it surprisingly hard work. However it was by far the nicest scenery we had yet encountered. It was easy to see why the cruise ships do such good business on this stretch.

The river constantly turned as it passed between attractively wooded hills and countless small vineyards. Lots of tourist round here and every village was set up with cafes and Nick back shops. Apart from the hard work the only problem was the cyclists- there are so many of the burgers almost all coming downstream on rental bikes to be picked up by the cruise boat at the next stop.

Eventually we got to Melk and decided to have our second coffee stop of the morning. I pointed to a cafe adjacent to our route, but Elaine rejected that option, preferring to walk a few yards further into the cobbled town square. We had just parked the biked next to a hotel when we turned round and realised we were standing next to Christine Burgess.

We knew they were on a cruise but did not expect the dates to match. We enjoyed a drink with Christine then as we finished Christine walked back to the boat to rouse John. Our route took us past where their boat was moored so we rode along for another photo opportunity.

By the time we left the dreaded wind was back and we pushed on to the North towards the town of Grein. We could not see any suitable hotels near our destination using booking.com and had to resort to the old expediency of riding past and looking. The first one we tried had no room (I think the owner actually wanted a night off) but there was another a couple of km down the road. This time there was no problem. The hotel was extremely good (but had no internet available). 

The pictures don’t do it justice but the view from our bedroom window was gorgeous. So calm and peaceful.

“Will we be able to eat this evening?” I asked. We certainly could. We had by far the best meal of our trip and the dessert was just wonderful.

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2 comments on “Tueusday- There Really is no place to hide
  1. John Flury says:

    Are all of Romsey on the Danube??? Countryside looks great and glad Elaine is OK.

    Pat and John

  2. John & Barbara says:

    What an adventure you two are having, including meeting up with Christine and John!!
    Glad the malady didn’t last too long. Keep up the peddle power, I won’t be able to match your power thighs on the tennis court ! Luv Barb & John. X

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