Monday – proper poorly

Apologies for late delivery, we had no internet last night.

Elaine woke up feeling proper poorly. I blamed the McDonalds she blamed the Italian from the night before. Whatever there was no way we were going cycling anytime soon. By 10:30, I had persuaded her that a: we had to check out by 11:00 and b:she would probably feel better outside the suffused room. So off we went. The day was beautiful and wind free. The scenery was pleasant rather than spectacular but we were riding on the dyke alongside the river surrounded by trees and growing crops.

After about 15 km we passed the abandoned atomic power station. Even that looked clean and well cared for.

The adjoining cafe was filled with some of the many many bike riders we were now encountering. Most of them appeared to be on rental bikes and most of these seemed to be electric – cheats.

Elaine was clearly still not well and so I put all 4 panniers on my bike (what a hero) and we managed to roll along the flat route. Elaine decided she needed a sleep and curled up and slept for 40 minutes on a very uncomfortable bench in the full glare of the sun. I had to make my own lunch!!

Soon after 2:00 we arrived in Krems and booked into the first hotel we could find. She immediately crawled into bed and slept from 2 till 6 o’clock.

She awoke feeling somewhat better and we strolled into the surprisingly nice centre of what is obviously an old university town.

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2 comments on “Monday – proper poorly
  1. Helen and Alan says:

    Sorry you’ve been proper poorly Elaine – hope you’re feeling better today. Helen and Alan x

  2. Sheila King says:

    Poor you Elaine – hope you’re on the mend now. Oh, and poor Paul having to make his own lunch !!
    Lol – Sheila

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