Sunday – No hiding place

What do you do at 7:20 on a very grey Sunday morning in Vienna? You push the loaded bikes out of the hotel and start to peddle. Then it starts to rain. Not awfully hard but good solid rain as we cycled past the airport. Half an hour later we were in the ‘Port’ area of Vienna and the rain was stopping for the day but it remained grey and windy. As we left the area we found a restaurant serving breakfast. Then we crossed a bridge to an island in the middle of the Danube. The bridge was great. The cycle path was slung below the main roadway so we were riding along with the traffic thundering above our heads. Then at the end there was this wonderful spiral down to ground level.

The island is very long and thin and runs up the centre of the Danube all the way past the city. It is full of pedestrian and cycle paths and it is essentially car free. We stayed on it all the way getting some nice photo opportunities but not seeing the city up close.

Our return to the W bank was over a full sized bridge with no vehicle traffic. Presumably it was replaced by the newer one close by.

As we headed north towards Klosterneuberg, Elaine spotted a sign advertising McDonalds. Guess where we had lunch.

Then we were riding along round the bend in the river towards Tulln, the cyclist passing me (they all pass us), said “are you English, Is your name Paul?” Peter and Sandra are friends of John and Hillary Gould and had been equipped with photos so they could recognise us. 

We had a nice chat and they continued much more quickly than we were going (but as they were staying locally, they had no bags with them).We trundle led on along the side of the river, passing many Sunday cyclist going in both directions and eventually stayed in a hotel in Tulln. Dinner was in Mongolian/Sushi restaurant. We had no idea what we were eating. It was very good but Elaine is complaining of a bad stomach this morning.

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One comment on “Sunday – No hiding place
  1. John Flury says:

    Like the Viennese art work but not a patch on Banksey. So there are more of you on the Danube trip. The river cruisers look very comfortable why not switch over????

    Keep safe

    Pat and John

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