Thursday – WTTW

Elaine keeps pointing out to me that this ride is like the Test Way walk. You can be alongside the river all day and only catch a glimpse of it occasionally. Today was one of those days.
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Last night’s hotel had been good but I was very irritated to find we had been billed one euro each for parking our bikes!

Then we were off. The scenery was pretty but un exciting. The route varied between quiet roads, busy roads and long stretches of bike path alongside busy roads. We did get a couple of glimpses of the river but around here it is split into many branches and the bits we were alongside were fairly narrow.

We seem to stop quite often. We have coffee stops, beer stops, pee stops, bum recovery stops, lunch stops and now Magnum stops. The local variety are not quite the real thing but they are pretty good – almost as good as a Mars bar for restoring Elaine’s energy.

Tonight’s stop was in a town that we would not expect to have a decent hotel. But there it was The Leier Bussiness Hotel. Very smart, very new, every thing good, but I think we are the only guests. The place seems to be an offshoot of the Leier factory up the street that appears to manufacture roof tiles.

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2 comments on “Thursday – WTTW
  1. John Gould says:

    Dear Paul, You capture the essence of your and Elaine’s bike ride perfectly. I would like to offer you the position of foreign (or travel if you prefer) correspondent for Rotary Club newsletter.

    Well done both of you.

    John G

  2. Helen and Alan says:

    We love your blog – the photos are brilliant – we got out the atlas the other day – breathtaking to see how far you are cycling – you both look amazing too – keep pedalling, Enjoy the wine and Magnums Helen and Alan x

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