Saturday – It’s our birthday

If you add our ages together we are 140 years old today. And as Elaine is clearly not 50 yet, I must be very old. I had carefully planned to be in Vienna and to go on a romantic Danube dinner cruise. Did it work out. Did it heck.

A virew of Bratislava from a very windy bypass road

Europe is clearly going bust – we should get out as soon as possible

When we left the hotel the wind was blowing harder than yesterday but in the opposite direction. It was almost funny. We were pushing hard in bottom gear and just about making 9 km per hour. It took till lunchtime to cover our 25 km for a coffee stop.

When we did stop it cost 6.5 euro for two coffees, a shock to the system after the last 3 weeks. Our lunch was on a bench at the side of the road in a small town. As we were eating our sandwiches , a lady walked out from her house across the road and asked if we wanted coffee. She was a bit flustered that we were English but 5 minutes later we were enjoying nice, hot fresh coffee.

By the end of the day after battling all day, we were 20 km short of the city and are currently relaxing in the “EuroHotel Vienna Airport”. It’s a bit plastic but absolutely fine for the night.

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3 comments on “Saturday – It’s our birthday
  1. Greg says:

    Well done you 2,really making progress and now seem to be in western world

    Greg and Angela

  2. Pat says:

    If you go to Sainsbury’s or any shopping centre any day you will see lots of cars Paul, but perhaps you don’t get out enough. That’s why we are leaving EU , hooray! Maybe they will cope without us, who knows? Enjoy it while you can.

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