Friday – Too much pressure

After breakfasting in lonely splendour, I am sure the only people in the building were us and the receptionist, we rode round the corner to the nearest small supermarket. Fascinating that there were 4 cars and 17 bikes outside.Stocked up with juice, water, bread rolls, cheese and tomatoes we were soon on our way. Before we left I had topped up the pressure in the tyres and it made a huge difference we were really rolling along. The fact that the wind was blowing hard behind us all day may have helped a little too.

It was just a glorious ride. The countryside is flat but beautiful. The verges are trimmed. The houses and gardens are clean and well maintained. There is lots of new building going on, both houses and industrial buildings of various sizes. And we spent the whole day on a good quality dedicated bike track at the side of the road.Just as we were approaching Mosonmagyarovar we crossed a branch of the Danube and I stopped to take a picture. As I lifted the back of the bike round to lean it against the rail, the saddle snapped. One of the metal bars that make up the frame of the saddle had a clean break. There ensured a spirited discussion about whether it was the bumpy roads or too much breakfast and beer.

What you cant see is that the wind was blowing our lunch off the table

Fortunately, it was rideable for the 3 miles into town. As always it took us forever to find the bike repair centre. There was no shop front, just a sign and a wooden doorway. I had walked past it twice before I asked and someone pointed it out to me.

It did not take long before we were having a restorative beer and were on the way towards the non existent border post into Slovakia.To get the distances right we had selected a hotel/ spa complex just inside Slovakia. 4 star, perfectly run and bloody expensive. Only after Elaine’s insistence did I agree to having breakfast at 10 Euros each.

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One comment on “Friday – Too much pressure
  1. Tony says:

    Like your new man, Elaine!!

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