Wednesday – Bumpy but beautiful

We left the hotel soon after 8:00 but got off to a slow start. First we had to go across the road to”Kelly’s Cycles”

IMG_1352Then we had to cycle north out of the city. At first the problem was that we were going out and 3 million locals were going the other way at high speed on the same bike path. Then there were the photo stops. There were so many wonderful views that it was hard to keep going.

Then the cycle route began to wind in and out of the streets instead of just following the river. As we got further out  surface determinate E from good to poor to flaming awful. It was hard on the legs, the arms, the back and the backside. But it was just so beautiful.


Eventually and fortunately we missed a sign and got back on the road. You know you are institutionalised when you both immediately say “Oh this is heaven”. It was a main road but relatively quiet and we were at last able to get some real miles behind us. Our target for the day was Esztergom, a distance of 80km. During the morning we thought we were not going to make it. But with a decent road and little wind by 4:00 we were checking into the St Kristoph hotel. The very attentive owner/manager gave us a map with a sugested walk around the very attractive town.

imageThis was once the capital of Hungary and has an enormous church perched on a hill in the middle of town. We circumnavigated the hill stopping on the way for dinner but could not summon the energy to climb to the top and visit the church.


She always did like a big one.



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5 comments on “Wednesday – Bumpy but beautiful
  1. Tony says:

    Elaine, Have you got a licence to drive such a large glass?!!

  2. Iain Small says:

    Budapest now on our visit list…..but not on two wheels! Alison and Iain xx

  3. John & Barbara says:

    The blue sky looks wonderful, hope it stays like that. It all sounds very scenic and cultural glad you are having time for a walk around whenever you stop. All the hotels sound “interesting” , hope they all carry on being good. We are going to M&M tomorrow, hope the rain stops!! Love Barb & John x
    PS You are making me want to have a trip down the Danube.

  4. Pat says:

    Hope the relatives were able to help you at Kelly’s.
    Pat & Mike xxx

  5. John Flury says:

    Oh no! not on the booze again Elaine. Are you sure you are not just going on a pub crawl through Europe. Hope MK international division were able to help!

    keep safe Pat and John

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