Tuesday – Tourist Town

The Eurovelo route went most of the way into Budapest on an Long Island that sits between two branches of the Danube. To get back on the route we had to cycle 25 km then take another ferry ride. We arrived half an hour early and were the only people there. We were expecting the same experience as yesterday. 10 minutes before the hour, people began to arrive, including a huge truck and trailer. This was loaded first, then the cars were squeezed in on either side. Somehow they ended up with no one left behind and no space left on the boat.

Elaine is eating very good at spotting bush shelters as lunch time approaches. The trick is to find one that is empty and has a seat. Then we take up residence spread out the tea towel and start preparing lunch.


The route took us nicely in towards the city but then crosses a bridge to the W side and the hotel we had selected was on the East. So we let Lola guide us to the hotel. Hard to decide whether we were more safe on the pavement with lots of junctions, driveways and emerging traffic or on the busy road fighting the cars and busses.

I had been slightly uncomfortable about the place we had chosen because it was cheap at £51 compared with other options at £300 plus. But it was great, the building is right out of Paris 1900 and the furniture is too. Our room is large, high ceilinged, has a balcony and to Elaine’s delight a bath. The first one on our trip.


The city is filled with tourists from around the world and it is easy to see why.  Every building is more attractive than the one next to it. Probably the most beautiful city I have visited. We walked around seeing the sights and dodging the bikes, busses and trams that mixed with the pedestrians.


Eventually we found the street – you know the one in every tourist city – wall to wall souvenir shops and restaurants with touts dragging you inside. We gave way and had a nice meal and the obligatory bottle. It only cost a little more than we had spent on food during our week in Romania.


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3 comments on “Tuesday – Tourist Town
  1. Beryl Staples says:

    Great to see you looking so elegant and relaxed Elaine. Really enjoying your journey from my armchair – what a trip! Budapest has gone on the bucket list! B x

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Katie Stokes says:

    What – no wind today!!! Loving your blog and hearing about your adventures. I’ve now got my “long line” fitted and awaiting the call to say a room is available. Bags packed for my “adventure”!!!! Much love and keep safe Katie ad Brian XXXX

  3. John Flury says:

    No not on the booze again Elaine. Looks a nice City but full of bloody European tourists.

    Pat and John

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