Monday – Not so bad

After yesterday we knew we needed an easier day. But following the Eurovelo route we could not see any accommodation in the right place. So we invented our own route which involved cycling 24km on peaceful country roads and then taking what the guide book describes as a quiet ferry to the W side. Quiet may not be the right word. We were the only people at the landing stage.

At exactly 10:00 we saw the ferry leave the far side and cross towards us. We were still the only passengers waiting. As the ferry arrived we saw that it was empty! It pulled up to the slipway, we rolled our bikes on and 10 seconds later it was heading back across the river.

I’m not sure how the business plan works. Perhaps they get a lot of cows.

Once across we headed N and missed the turning on to the quiet roads. So we rode 40km on a fairly main road but without too much traffic to bother us.

There were only 3 hotels in Danujvarios. One was a campsite, one was full and we booked into the only other option. Despite claiming to be a hotel, it was actually spare rooms in the students Halls of Residence. However, our room was comfortable, well furnished, immaculately clean and had a wonderful view over the local steel works.

We walked a mile or so into the centre of this “spa” town and struggled to find anywhere to eat. In the end we settled on a cafe for a beer and then discovered they had a decent menu. Our walk back was a race to get inside before the threatened rain arrived. Once again we were tucked up in our separate student beds by 9:30.

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3 comments on “Monday – Not so bad
  1. Greg Hall says:

    Come on not reading this…… excitement!!!!!

  2. Sheila King says:

    Still living the high life I see ! I thought students all demanded double beds too.
    You seem to be having so much fun leading the nomadic life that perhaps you won’t want to come back here!
    Stay safe. Love S x

  3. John Flury says:

    We see it’s Elaine paying the bills again or was it you Paul in the Blue overalls. How much is 250 whatever on the price list?

    Pat and john

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