YIt’s Sunday and I’m Hung(a)ry.

Breakfast was entertaining. We entered the dining room to someone playing “the last post” or something similar on a saxophone – much laughter and applause from the people with him. The there was an invasion of black shirted priests, dozens of them. But anyway we were outside and ready to board the ferry by 10 past 8. There were numerous signs, even electronic ones confirming that it left every half hour with the next one due at 8:30. So we were in no way surprised when if left the dock on the stroke of 9:00. It took only a few minutes and we had crossed the river again and were on our way.

What is the definition of a perfect ride?. 50 m from the Danube, dead flat, beautiful surface, no traffic, nice sunny day. We had all that and it was deadly boring. We  could not see the river for the dense stand of trees between us and it. We could not see the villages or houses because there were not any. We just had long straight stretches between with rows of trees on either side. And of course the wind. I know I go on about it a lot but today was bad. After several hours we felt as though we had been battered.So far as we had seen Hungary on Sunday is like France on a Monday – very closed! We had not been able to buy anything for lunch And thought we would go hungry.

Just before noon we left the path and entered the small town of Baja. We found a bar that was open. 2 minutes later the owner shut up shop and left us outside with his glasses and cups. Further into town we stumbled into a central square that was very open. Busy cafes and most important a grocery shop. We bought the makings for lunch and ate in a beautiful park on the banks of a small river.

Here we had to make a big decision. We could not see any hotels this side of Kalocsa which was 45 km away but it felt too early to stop. So we decided to risk it and hope to spot a pension somewhere. It did not happen. We battled on along the boring path on the flood dyke until we reached Fajsz. This was still 15 ks from home but the path turned to gravel so we turned left and struggled info Kalosca on the busy Route 51. This is a pretty old town with impressive buildings and a central area full of bars and people at 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon. By the time we went for dinner at 7:00 it was deserted.

We found our hotel easily, ate in a restaurant down the street and collapsed  both knowing that we had pushed ourselves too far today

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4 comments on “YIt’s Sunday and I’m Hung(a)ry.
  1. John Sharman says:

    Hi Guys so sorry to hear you are still having trouble with the wind. I can appreciate the problem, if you care to E Mail me I and can pass on a couple of remedies / tablets which I am sure will help ease the problem.
    Love the blog keep smiling oops sorry or was that wind!!!!!!

  2. Greg and Angela says:

    I too am disturbed by the constant wind problems,probably too much wine and beer. You seem to be eating up the miles and civilisation seems to be more evident

  3. Tony says:

    Yep – hope the wind dies down for you both – keep on trucking!!

  4. John Flury says:

    Are you the only cyclists in Hungary as cannot see anyone else on the paths. That coach looks inviting with all the OAP’s on board.

    Pat and John

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