Wednesday – Up the creek

For the first time on the trip we ate breakfast I our room. We had bought the makings in a supermarket close to the hotel. We had to wait until the laundry reappeared and with one thing or another it was after 9:00 before we maneover end the bikes into the tiny lift and left.

The map showed a short main road leading to a bridge over a big canal and on out to the North of the city. However, the guide book said this went through a busy congested tunnel and said it should be avoided. Instead we followed the Eurovelo signs on a much more tortuous route which was nice to ride once we got out of the traffic. To get from the side of the canal to the bridge the book said “use the bike lift” we found it but of course it was out of action and there was no visible way to get onto the bridge. We cycled along and eventually found another bridge with steps up to the roadway. I guess I just enjoy pushing bikes up steps.

The route on

the far side of the canal led back to the Danube and past an endless succession of restaurants many of which were on boats. These were obviously popular with the locals who even at mid morning were thronging the footpaths.

I was getting frustrated that we were taking too many interrupts instead of getting on with the miles, but before long we were out on the main road. The first 15 km were incredibly busy but after we turned left it was much quieter and was pleasant riding. Even the wind in our faces was not blowing too hard.

The farms, houses and villages in this region look much more prosperous than any have seen so far.

At lunchtime we booked a hotel in a small town called Beska and ended the day having cycled another 73 km.

I have been wrong before but I think we have now covered over 500 miles, are still talking to one another and are still headed towards the UK

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4 comments on “Wednesday – Up the creek
  1. Guy says:

    Loving these updates every day. Very informative. You are both having quite an adventure. Keep pedalling!

  2. Sheila King says:

    Hi U 2.
    What an intrepid pair you are. Your blog is “required reading “. Dogs, Motorways, disappearing hotels – we are all in awe of your exploits.
    Stay safe. Love – Sheila x

  3. Greg Hall says:

    Now off to the old House,think the food at Town Hall is worse than some of the meals you have had!

    Seems a good day for U2 covinced it is getting more western and prosperous

    Look forward to tomorrow’s blog


  4. John Flury says:

    Western Europe ahead so chin up.Vineyards should be in sight shortly. Not to sure we like the cycle paths. Is’nt there any without steps?

    Pat and John

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