Tuesday – On to Belgrade


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This day was different. We were going in the same direction and the wind was still blowing in our faces. But not as hard. We had a choice between 70km of unpaved river bank or 60km of road. Hmmm let me think for a minute. We knew the wind would get stronger as the day went on so we pushed on and by lunchtime were approaching the city on the opposite side of the river to Belgrade. We lost an hour trying to find the right way, but did find an extremely pleasant restaurant for lunch.

We eventually went towards and into Belgrade on a very busy motorway like road. Strangely and possibly naively we felt quite safe on the hard shoulder / bus only lane.

In the city it is acceptable to ride on the pavement. We did so despite the hoards of pedestrians. No one seemed to mind and we followed signs into the city centre without difficulty. Then fell apart. We had booked a hotel, had the address and help from the map on the phone and simply could not find the street. We asked in shops, we asked in the information centre, we asked a cop. They all recognised the address and pointed us in approximately the right direction. It took 90 minutes of walking around in circles before we found a plaque on a doorway leading to a tatty hallway and even tatter lift and on the 4th floor a beautiful hotel. We had been on the right street and 50 m from the hotel when we asked the cop!

We were getting desperate for doing some laundry as the two previous hotels didn’t have any where to hang things to dry. However this one had an extremely cheap outside facility. The laundry went away at 5.00pm and delivered back at 8.00am this morning.

After recovery and a shower we wandered round the city centre and had a decent meal while watching Murray get through the second round in Madrid.

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