A wet Sunday

When asked what tine we wanted breakfast, we had forgotten that we had an hours time slip so we said 8:00. By 6:30 we were both wide awake and ready for the day. We walked to the dining room at 7:45 and got a finger wagged at us for being too early. We did better than the young Romanian couple who had forgotten the slip entirely and turned up at 10 to eight thinking it was 09:00. t exactly Eight the staff arrived caring the provisions and we were served a few moments later.

Breakfast was not quite as strange as dinner but I had never before had yogurt as a drink. Another amazingly low bill, less than £45 for dinner B&B.

Our only problem was that the rain was pi–in down and we could not see across the river for the mist. We hung around until 11:00 when we thought it was lessening slightly. As we left the owner came up to say “don’t worry about checkout, you can stay as long as you like”

But we wanted to be on our way. We left down the steep, winding but surfaced road we should have used the night before. The road was similar to yesterday undulating along the southern bank of the river. On a sunny day it would have been beautiful but in the rain and mist it was just scenery. Again we had one big hill to climb but going down the other side was interesting a series of17 tunnels 60 to 400 m long. We put on our lights and tried hard to get through each without being overtaken. 

It never fully stopped raining all day. It slowed a lot from time to time and I even got to take off my rain jacked for about five minutes.

Once again there was very little habitation, or more importantly coffee stops. We were booked into a hotel in Veliko Gradiske but with the late start and the miserable day we decided settle for Golubulev which was 20km closer. The first coffee stop/restaurant we found was just 12k from there. We managed to negotiate a nice lunch of bread, cheese and tomatoes and went online to book a hotel. I could not get on line so we used Elaine’s phone. 3 minutes later she booked us in but had a message saying she had reached her£36 credit limit and could get no more service. We plodded on the 12 k to the centre of town but could not find the hotel.

We had done it again. The hotel was 8 k out of town. It was a drag but when we got there it was our best accommodation so far.immaculately clean, large bedroom, comfy beds, our bags carried upstairs for us and a large beer each on the house and brought to our room. We were the only guests at dinner which was superb ending with pancakes stuffed with cream and topped with strawberries.

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4 comments on “A wet Sunday
  1. G Hall says:

    It is getting better and hopefully will continue that we Now off to Investment Club! Greg

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  2. Carole Renvoize says:

    I’m completely hooked on this blog now having come across the link in the recent Jane Scarth Newsletter. I think you are both amazing and definitely worth sponsoring!

  3. John & Barbara says:

    Well done you two, we had an IW walk last night followed by a pub meal, not quite as exciting as your blog though but still nice. You haven’t mentioned how your bodies are coping yet, hope all OK. Keep safe, love Barbara.

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