Saturday – Goodbye Romania

The road out of town was the same as going in – think M25 but with just single lane each way. To help matters along, the wind was blowing hard in our faces. But we only had 13km before we turned left to go through first the Romanian border then cross over the dam and negotiate with the Serbian border guards.

I tried to change our remaining Romania cash but the exchange at the border had only about £60 in Serbian cash!!

The road could not have been more different. There was almost no traffic at all. We followed the southern bank of the Danube going North for a few is then the river douse a wide U turn and heads back south. I will never understand how the wind can be in your face when you are going north and going south.
I was in trouble again because no one has told the Serbians that the road along the Danube should be flat. We pushed the bikes for 3 km up a hill which was signed as 10%. The ride down was nice. We stopped halfway down and had lunch at a picnic spot with fabulous views over the Danube Gorge.

It as somewhere round here that Elaine asked how far we had to go and when I told her 25 km she replied Oh that’s not far then – and she meant it!!
We rode 50km along this road without seeing a single bar or shop. We could see the Romanian side of the river was much busier. In Donji milosovac we found a bar and looked for our hotel location on the phone. Oops it is not in the town it is 5 km away but 4 of them are in the right direction. We found the turn off on google maps and started up the steep dirt road.,


This rapidly got worse and worse leading to a major domestic. We rescued by a man coming down the road on a horse. He confirmed that we could continue up and up the track and would meet asphalt 20 m from the hotel.
The Ethno Eko Komplex Kaptain Milan Breg. It was different. But the staff were friendly, the views fabulous, the room basic but clean and the boiled nettles served with dinner were OK.

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4 comments on “Saturday – Goodbye Romania
  1. Tony says:

    Great effort so far!!

  2. Sandy Dunn says:

    OK so it didn’t get better today but tomorrow is another day 🍷

  3. John Sharman says:

    Hi Guys
    Well that’s the first week out the way compared to ours going to work painting number three daughters new house fitting security cameras to our house etc etc. I have to say we are really missing not being with you both on this adventure.
    Keep smiling and sending the Bloggs and I hope the derriere’s are getting used to the trip.

  4. Greg Hall says:

    Oh dear….it can only get better

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