Let’s have an easy day. Wednesday

I had managed to rearrange all our pre booked hotels, slipping everything by one day.

So all we had to do today was the 47km to Bechet. A fairly smooth road with gentle ups and downs but much less rural in nature than the previous day. More people in business attire and slightly less looking like medieval peasants. They had even stopped growing vegetables in the verges between the house and the road.

I thought it worth including this picture of brand new children’s playground. The guide book mentioned that one of the villages was famous for the huge unfinished houses owned by gypsy families and there they were dozens  of them and they really were huge, but mostly unoccupied.

The other regular sight were the Russian Orthodox churches. Almost every village had one and they could be very ornate. The one below was fairly plain but the seats were very welcome. Although we were tracking along the Danube we still only got occasional glimpses of something shining in the distance.

We arrived at our hotel soon after 12:00. – some people have no dedication. Despite the relatively short distance we were both knackered. By the time we had collapsed on to the bed and spent several hours fighting the electronics to get the photos from the camera, through the phone and onto WordPress, it was time to go out for a walk before dinner. Not a lot to see. Just the Main Street (which was being resurfaced) the occasional not quite finished house and the war memorial park.

I did like this sign waning of Horse and Cart, you don’t see a lot of them in Hampshire.

And so to bed. Google maps says we have 98km to do tomorrow.

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3 comments on “Let’s have an easy day. Wednesday
  1. John & Barbara says:

    Apart from the feeling totally knackered it all sounds like you are having a really good trip, seeing the area sounds really interesting, glad you are taking time off to relax a little. Take care and hope you will see a bit more of the Danube soon.
    Love Barbara & John. X

  2. Beryl Staples says:

    Phew! Thank goodness you had a day off! I am exhausted reading about your days!
    Pleased to hear that all is well with you both – enjoy!
    Beryl and Colin x

  3. John Flury says:

    Enjoyed the pictures. Reminds us of our visits to what was previously East Germany in the early 90s without the Trabants smoking out of the exhausts. Who was the war memorial for: Germans, Serbs, Bulgarians or Russians. Enjoy today and await your next report.

    Pat and John

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