Ride 2 – But where are we

There was only one hotel in Giurgiu that showed on booking.com. Over the Bulgarian border in Russe there were a dozen. This left me expecting a soviet era establishment with poor service and grotty rooms. I could not have been more wrong. The place was ruled with a rod of iron by the owner (who had his large and unflattering portrait in reception). The cheerful receptionist spoke excellent English, the room was compact but immaculate. The plumbing worked, the Wi-fi was as fast as home and there was a bird nesting in the tree three feet from our window.Before dinner we set out to walk to the Danube but failed. We made it as far as the main square I town and found a bar (with immaculately clean loos) serving half litres of good larger for 5 lei a bottle.

Back at the hotel we went to the attached restaurant and spent 20 minutes negotiating for a bottle of wine – there was no rose then there was but it was warm – there was no red – then bottle of local Merlot appeared from the fridge – not brilliant but at 21 lei who cares. The food was most enjoyable, starting with a really nice Greek salad and by the time we had finished we had driven the bill up to 100 lei.

Breakfast was equally fascinating- I chose meal “c2”. Fried egg with bacon and coffee plus yogurt, an apple. And some awful sweet cakes.

Although we had woken at 7:30 it was again 10:00 by the time we were underway.
The road led through huge fields of rape and rolled along a couple of miles N of the river. Both Giurgu and Zimnicea are on the Danube but we managed to cycle from a to b without ever seeing the river.

I had originally booked a hotel in Zimnicea but decided to try to get further to shorten the next day’s run to Bechet Sometimes you get it wrong!!!

From Zimnicea we cycled up a fairly gentle but endless hill eventually reaching Suhaia.

The hotel I had booked was on a boat on the river S of Suhaia. What no one mentioned was that it was 8 km down a deeply rutted, muddy unsurfaced road. Our marriage survived – but only just. When we eventually got there we were the only guests. The standard room I had booked did not have sufficient room to put down the panniers so Elaine immediately upgraded us to a superior room – still small but acceptable.

Dinner was pleasant, a nice salad followed by grilled chicken and chips with a bottle of Cabernet all served in splendour at a table for 12 on the upper deck. When we finished eating we were invited up into the lounge seats on the top deck. Really nice and relaxing. And this point we have no idea what any of this cost.

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3 comments on “Ride 2 – But where are we
  1. Greg and Angela says:

    You certainly know how to live…makes fascinating reading……enjoy etc Greg and Angela

  2. Pat says:

    Haven’t got a clue what a Lei is though obviously very cheap.
    All seems to be going well. Keeeeeeeep pedalling

  3. Katie Stokes says:

    Love reading about your wonderful adventure – makes me smile and cheers my day. Keep safe and keep smiling. Much love Katie and Brian XXXX

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